Youth Sessions

Session aims

To enhance the lives of the young people who attend in a safe environment, providing them staff who they feel safe to talk too and friendships they can build within the community.

Our main purpose is to provide open access youth provision for the young people of the area and look to provide opportunities for the young people to realise their full potential centred around physical, creative and social activities which are educational but with an emphasis of fun.

Our two sessions are run by part time youth workers who are all subject to a DBS check and have knowledge of first aid.

Session 1 - Every Thursday 6pm to 8pm

Come check us out! £1 entry.

No Booking required for Thursdays sessions

Session 2 - Every Friday evening 6.45pm to 9pm

Come check us out! £1 entry.

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Sessions offer a wide range of activities, including:

Games Consoles

Tuck Shop

IT Suite

Pool Table

Bouncy Castle

Sports Hall